Shredded Book Guessing Contest: Feb 6-14

We’re having a Shredded Book Guessing contest!

Can you guess which two books have been shredded into our buckets? If you can, there are prizes up for grabs! Want to know more? Read on!

Here’s how it’ll work:

We have shredded two books–one YA/Adult and one Juv/Tween book. Beginning today, we will be posting one clue a day for each book on our Facebook page and blog. If you know what the book (or books) are, come into the library, fill out a slip (with your name, phone number and the book’s title), and put it in the jar/jars. On Thursday, February 14, 2019 we will draw one winner for each book in a bucket.

Prizes: Each winner will receive a Valentine’s Day candy bouquet and a copy of the book.

The persnickety fine print: Multiple guesses per person are permitted, however only one correct answer per person will be entered into the final drawing for each book. Need not be present to win. And need not be a member of the Manchester District Library to win.

Have fun! Please visit the Manchester District Library’s Facebook page for daily clues:  #bookinabucket


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